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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Code Orange?

Historically, Code Orange has been a mentorship program aimed at bridging the Digital Divide in early childhood computer education, operating mostly in East Austin. Due to Covid-19, we have shifted focus to helping students continue to learn effectively despite the shift to online classrooms by offering free virtual tutoring for students whose families normally would not be able to afford it.

Who are Code Orange mentors?

Our mentors are high-achieving students at UT Austin who we screen through rigorous interview and training processes. Mentors are well-versed in the subject material that they are signing up to tutor. They are professional, communicative and adaptable at all times, and will work with teachers and staff when needed to ensure the student is making progress.

How will the program help our students?

We embrace that every student is different and has different needs. In general, students in Code Orange's mentorship program will have the opportunity to virtually meet with their assigned mentor on a weekly basis in order to get help on homework, have difficult concepts explained in a personalized way, catch up if they are falling behind, and dive deeper into concepts that interest them.

Is the program different for schools operating in-person?

To minimize the risk of spreading Covid, students will meet with their mentors virtually for the foreseeable future, regardless of whether the students' school is in-person or remote.

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