Help us break the barrier of
Digital Divide
in Austin and around the world

Our Mission

Code Orange is an organization dedicated to enabling UT students to make a positive, lasting impact in the lives of children in underserved communities here in Austin through technical education, mentorship, and outreach.

Some background

The problem

As computers and technology becoming increasingly important in our personal and professional lives, people with technical capabilities are at a significant advantage. In our increasingly competitive world, lack of technical education makes it far more difficult for people of lower socioeconomic status to better their situations. This is a very real problem here in Austin, Texas where children in underserved communities primarily in East Austin will grow up without the opportunities, exposure, or enablement required to succeed in the modern technical job market.

Who we are

Code Orange is a student-run non-profit organization. We are a group of talented technologists and tech enthusiasts from the University of Texas at Austin that are passionate about spreading the capabilities that we've all learned and now take for granted. We are a dynamic, creative, open-minded group that is always looking for new ways to drive our mission forward.

What we're doing

Code Orange is aiming to level the playing field in tech by starting early. Though most kids who do learn technical skills generally don't start until at least least high school, for children who didn't grow up in an environment that fostered their curiosity in computers and technology, high school is generally too late. Though we would like to expand to K-12, we are currently focusing on children of ages 7-12. We strongly believe that if the idea that technology is an accessible tool for young dreamers to build cool things is instilled early on, then we can all help build a better future together.